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3D Postcards, Business Cards,
Mailers, Bookmarks, Rulers,
Luggage Tags, Coasters,
Promotional Handouts

Custom Printing - Custom Design

Lenticular Postcards, Business Cards, Bookmarks ...

Lenticular postcards can dramatically increase the response to your next mailing. Lenticular postcards and lenticular business cards can present a 3D image, flip, animation or morph.

After receiving a normally low 1.5% rate of response on their postcard mailing, one company decided to go out on a limb and switch to lenticular postcards.

Their response jumped to more than 20%, and the responses continued for a period of 6 months.

Lenticular promotional products have a powerful and unique impacet.

Talk about a potential return on your advertising investment!

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3D Mouse Pads

Custom Printing - Custom Design

Lenticular 3D Mouse Pads

What can be more efficient than desktop advertising?

Promote your company's domain name and logo on an exciting 3D mousepad.

A lot of companies give away mouse pads as premiums, in the hope that their customers will use them.
If you want to be sure that your mouse pad will be their favorite and find a home next to the computer in their office, you have to give them something unique.

Lenticular mousepads are unique -- and functional. They have an excellent tracking surface.

If you had a 3D mouse pad, wouldn't you use it -- maybe even show it around?

Put your domain name, pictures of your products, and your contact information on stage in front of your clients -- every time they sit down at their computer!

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Trade Show Displays,
POS Displays,

Custom Printing - Custom Design

Lenticular Printing: flip, motion & 3D Trade Show Graphics, Point-of-Sale Displays and Posters ...

Lenticular is an exciting new way to advertise your products and services!

Stop people in their tracks! Increase your trade show traffic by 50% to 200%!

Lenticular point-of-sale displays "deliver 5x the stopping and 2x the staying power."

Make your customers dwell on your message and remember your name and your products!

In addition to lenticular point-of-sale and trade show displays, we design and produce lenticular flip, motion, and 3D postcards, and lenticular 3D mouse pads.


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